Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Faxing the future from 1998

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Nick Piggott said...

B3ta found you for me.

I'm impressed with your creativity. Just like you, my Orange 3G (in Central Bristol) went down in March, and I was told "It'll be back September 5th - just use your phone in 2G until then". It wasn't back on September 5th. It isn't back now.

However, I'm very much enjoying using my Nokia 6310i again (admittedly, not 1998 vintage). The battery does last for ever. Whilst I do have GPRS, no websites render in WML any more. Colleagues have exclaimed with amazement at my retro-phone.

I can recommend going to GiffGaff. I put one of their SIMs in my Nokia N900, and it's been right as rain since then.

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